Constructor Championship Title

Auch 2021 war pandemie-bedingt kein einfaches Jahr für die PWA Worldtour. Erst im Juni ging es mit dem Tiberias Israel PWA World Cup in die neue Saison, gefolgt von einem kleinen Event in Kroatien, dem Youth Wave Worldcup in Dänemark sowie leider einem windlosen Event in Frankreich im November. Letzteres hätte ein versöhnlicher Abschluss der Saison werden sollen, doch leider spielte der Wind über den kompletten Eventzeitraum nicht mit.

Einen „Constructor Championship Titel“ gibt es trotzdem und erneut freut sich Starboard Windsurfing über den Sieg in dieser „Teamwertung“. 14 Titel aus den letzten 15 Jahren lassen keine Zweifel offen.

Stimmen zum Sieg:

„I remember that I shaped my first board in 1987; it was a slalom board, the Div II half hallow, and I enjoyed feeling the board under my feet while continuously making changes to improve it. Since the beginning, developing and testing boards has been one of my most extensive interests. When in 2000, Svein and Tiesda gave me the opportunity to become part of the Starboard development Team, I was finally able to step up this passion. I experienced a steep learning curve and found ways to improve and develop boards in a super wide range; Racing, FreeRide, FreeStyle, Beginner and for the first time for 2023, even a full two new wave range.

Developing Boards and constructions at Starboard is an absolute dream job; I love the working environment here at Starboard; we are all super healthy, sporty and highly focused on our number one mission:  Making the best boards on the market.

To have been a part of this amassing 14 PWA constructor titles of 15 possible ones and winning not less than 91 World Champion titles as Racer, Coach & Designer is just incredible! I am so grateful, and, at this point, I want to say a massive thank you to Svein & Tiesda, who believed in me. Of course, this all wouldn’t be possible without our talented riders who keep choosing our boards to race on and win those World titles; I also feel fortunate to always work closely with so many gifted riders during the development process. 

Remi Vila – Head of R&D

It’s all about developing that cutting edge equipment year after year after year and supporting the planet’s most amazing windsurfers to showcase it all. There are so many good brands and talented windsurfers, so winning  14 out of 15 years seems impossible, even with a lot of luck.

However, the Roman philosopher Seneca  said, “Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity.”

Svein Rasmussen , Starboard Gründer & CEO, Chief Innovator

The Dream Team of world cup riders is a great inspiration, and I would like to thank every rider for making this award possible for another year. I’m honoured to be a part of a brand with such a long heritage at winning constructor titles. Winning this award highlights and exemplifies the importance of developing our high-performance board segment year after year.

I look forward to winning more in the future and am confident that Starboard has precisely what it takes to keep performing at the highest level.

Nico Prien, Windsurf Brand Manager

Confidence is super crucial during competition, and trusting my gear’s performance gives me the confidence I need to perform well.

Riding these boards, I feel like there are no limits. It’s fantastic to have such a passionate R&D team behind the whole process and finally get a board that brings a lot of joy to my sessions! Thanks, Starboard, for making it possible.

Sarah-Quita Offringa – 19x PWA Weltmeisterin

Winning boards: